SANA AL-AMAR is an Iraq-based company that was established in 2010 in response to the emerging needs for rebuilding of Iraq infrastructure, following two decades of regional and border conflicts. Specialized in civil and electro-mechanical construction, THE COMPANY has employed some of the best talents with direct knowledge and experience in building, maintenance and operation of thermal & gas power plants; construction and commissioning of power substations; overhead and underground feeder transmission lines; oil & gas facilities...
Commissioning & Start-up

Sana Al-Amar Company has extensive In-house experience in all of business areas.

This includes:
  • Pre-commissioning plans, procedures, schedule, and sequences
  • Air and water hydrostatically tests for pipes, tanks, and pipelines
  • Nitrogen filling process for gas pipelines and stations projects
  • Simulations for process different cases, loop & signals check lists
  • Commissioning & Start-up plans, procedures, and sequences
  • Applying project potential Emergency Shut Down cases "ESD"
  • Final modifications prior of AS-BUILT drawings issuance
  • Initial & official start-up, handover of the project
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